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Setting the standard in the communications industry


                       Strong Tower Communication Services, LLC is a full service tower/ communications company, founded in 2008. Our crews have successfully completed hundreds of projects throughout all sectors of the industry for a wide variety of customers.

                      We are a service company focused on providing creative solutions with exceptional customer interaction. We realize not all towers/ communication systems are the same. Even more so, not all communication entities are the same. While realizing there are basic principles in which all systems and structures abide in, we are masters at uncovering the particulars. We believe each project must be advanced upon respectfully with all diligence. Understanding our customers needs and conditions, masterminding the finest fix- while looking for the most cost effective solution, and communicating effectively at each step of the project is an art. When this is done well, everyone succeeds, and this is our mission.

                     Because of our wide range of experience working within all major sectors of the telecommunications industry (government agencies, utility companies, cable companies, cellular carriers, tower owners, etc...) we bring experience and creative solutions. While most companies specialize in one sector of the industry, we specialize in them all. This unique advantage allows us to offer our customers  the ability to converge the strengths of each sector- bringing them to each project, therby offering a superior service. 

                If you are a station manager/ engineer working on increasing your signal base, a government/ utility communications director keeping up with safety programs and FAA/ FCC compliance, or a project coordinator looking for experienced cell/ mod crews, we can help.



Including, but not limited to- Painting, anchor and guy replacements, general maintenance, installation of safety systems, lighting, and  AWS, UMTS, LTE upgrade.

Including, but not limited to- lighting and grounding.

Including, but not limited to- Painting, anchor and guy replacements, lighting, grounding, general maintenance, and decommissioning.

Including, but not limited to- Painting, lighting, and general maintenance.



Keeping up with FAA/ FCC regulations, attracting more customers, and protecting and maintaining the largest asset you have- Your Broadcasting Tower, can be done with Strong Tower



Resourcing information is critical in performance and trouble shooting. Nowhere else in the communications industry is the timely application of accurate information so vital than in emergency services. Let us help you develop and maintain your system to it's maximum potential!


With technology constantly evolving and the demand from carriers to increase network capacity, you need a tower company that can keep up with the demand, while maintaining a high standard of workmanship. We can do it!



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