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About Us

Aaron McKinney-Founder/ Owner

Strong Tower Communication Services was created by Aaron McKinney in the spring of 2008.

The companies' beginnings were very humble to say the least. Aaron had limited exposure to the industry and not many resources to build upon.

With the determination to make it through difficult times and maintain an excellent work ethic, Aaron was able to partner with key individuals in breaking into other branches of the communications industry, while reinvesting into the infrastructure of the company.


Slowly but surely, the company grew to 25 employees, with the capacity to handle almost any type of project that could be done in our trade. Strong Tower maintains it's presence throughout all branches of the industry, while continuing to develop our culture, operation procedures, and customer base.


We emphasize values, and in our philosophy, sticking to core values is what drives growth. And we are all about growth.

Although values such as honor, love, and perseverance seem like simple concepts to ascribe, actualizing these within our company culture has had profound results; in our organization and others we work with. We believe life flows from the top down, and as long as we stay true to what we believe, those virtues will make their way to our customers, thereby creating a pleasurable experience for all.

Very first contract- paint and re-lamp 1,000' tower. Aaron at the top. swapping out beacon bulbs. 

Calvin Long-Founding Partner
Without Calvin Long, there wouldn't be much of an organization at Strong Tower. Calvin was the main person working with Aaron in the formative years of the company, imputing direction and guidance through his many years in the tower and construction industry, and general business practices.
Calvin has the experience of working for almost every carrier in every market. Along with an impeccable work ethic, he can also be a serious driving force when it comes to meeting schedules on time and in a professional manner. While he is brilliant in the field, solving problems and getting things done, he is just as savvy in all other aspects of running a small business organization.  

Our first tower dismantle. Calvin cutting up the tower we had just dropped.

Jarod Richardson-Partner


Most of Jarod's experience has been in construction and real estate, while at one point running one of the largest residential development companies in the area of Nixa, MO before moving out to the Carolinas.

While Jarod is very capable in and out of the field, his largest contribution to Strong Tower is his ability to communicate effectively and bring new ideas and concepts into reality.

Time and again, Jarod has been able to take hot issues, brilliantly dissolve them, and somehow create a win/ win for those involved.

Outstandingly, almost all the personal development that has occurred within Strong Tower, has either been directly or indirectly a result of Jarod's presence and what he brings to the table.

Jarod performing a formal tower inspection

Matt Evans-Operations


The face of Strong Tower. With an extensive background in construction and electrical, Matt has led up to as many as 4 crews at a time in scheduling, trouble shooting, and customer support.

It is individuals like Matt that take the values of Strong Tower and carry them out on a day to day basis, out in the field.

Through reinforcing the ideals we endeavor to operate by, Matt successfully affects the culture of the whole company and how Strong Tower is viewed by peers and customers. This can be a heavy load to carry at times, but he does it with an excellent attitude. The company as a whole could not be as successful as we have been without individuals like Matt Evans.


Matt Evans in safety training.

Allie Wood-Seyfried-Sales/ customer support


Allie comes to us with 20 years experience in sales and marketing.  The last 10 years she has been focusing her attention in the sports industry with the last two years in management.  Allie posses an excellent track record of leadership ability while being self-motivated.  She has the ability to attain new business through follow up and strong relationship building skills.  Allie is very analytical and organized with amazing trouble shooting capabilities.  She is able to think outside the box and develop new ideas to come up with solutions to problems that may arise with customer service situations.  She has a strong work ethic and the ability to communicate effectively both verbally and written while maintaining enthusiasm and interest with her clients.   

Allie is a mother of two amazing children, Gwendolyn 21 and Elijah 15. 

Ms. Allie enjoying a company lucheon.

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