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Experience, Capacity, Perseverance; some of the three greatest traits in this sector of our industry. Anyone doing cell work for any length of time knows without these, you won't make it very far.

Strong Tower understands the pressure our clients are under from the wireless carriers we work for, and as such, we know how important safety, documentation, communicating change orders in a timely manner, making deadlines,  quality control, and getting in close outs on time is. We have worked with several turf vendors on multiple projects in many markets throughout the years and in some instances have been the ones out in front, coming up with the solutions needed for the whole market to progress.

If you have a project in which you need qualified crews for, drop us a comment, and we would be glad to discuss.




Some of the markets/ Projects we have worked

Shelter cable trays
Shelter COVP
Looking down from the top of the tower
Verizon AWS radio and antenna

Verizon Wireless AWS Upgrade

Carolina Market


Azimuth tool
Azimuth verificaton
AWS/ PCS upgrade
Antenna mechanical downtilt
Rear fiber tray
Beta sector

T Mobile Ericsson Upgrade

Carolina Market

T-mobile cell site at charlotte motor speedway
BTS cabinet
T-mobile upgrade
Roof top cell site
Cell sectors built on ground
Air antena
T-mobile cell site at charlotte motor speedway
Air antenna mechanical downtilt
Ditace to fault sweep test
Sprint cell site cable being routed on tower.
Sprint cell site view of sector
Sprint cell site power cables
Cellular anenna with jumpers and ret controllers

Sprint Vision 

Carolina Market


Sprint cell site fiber cabinet
Sprint cell site bottom of tower
Sprint cell site fibr cabinet
Sprint cell site radio connections
RET screenshot
Antenna jumpers

T Mobile Nokia Upgrade

Dallas, TX

Tmobile upgrade Tower top COVP
Tmobile upgrade Roof top COVP and radio
Fiber cleaning
COAX ice bridge
Tmobile upgrade Tower top COVP and radios
Tmobile upgrade roof top sit in Ft. Worth, TX
Tmobile upgrade roof top cell site installation
Tmobile upgrade trunk cable installation
Tmobile upgrade torque wrench
Tmobile upgrade mechanical downtilt
Tmobile upgrade Alpha sector
Tmobile upgrade coav weather proofing
Tmobile upgrade coax port hole
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