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Government and Utility organizations

Optimal Performance

Information and response time is critical. If you are charged with the task of network operations for your organization, then you understand how important it is for your tower, site, shelter, and communications equipment to be up to date, well maintained, and operating at it's maximum performance. Let us help you with that.

We have several years' experience working with engineers, managers, and technicians in upgrading their equipment, spectrum analysis, and maintaining their structures. While broadcasters are running their networks with much of the same equipment as most others, every project needs to be assessed individually. Factors such as topography, interference, structure type, etc... can have a significant impact on the roll out of your system, and all of that is taken into consideration in every project we are a part of.



Knowing the true condition and settings of your equipment can be a daunting task for those who have a hard time climbing to assess, or simply out of the question for others who either wouldn't be allowed to climb or just aren't up for it. That's why you must have a partner looking out for your interests. One of the most challenging issues facing many network operators these days is knowing the condition of their equipment and how it was really installed. Knowing this, we make it a standard on every job to get thorough documentation via pictures, video, (and other forms of documentation if applicable) of the work we do so that our customers have the information they need to make accurate assessments of equipment performance. 



Here are some of our recent projects





Tower Lighting
Tower Lighting
Tower Painting
Tower Painting

North Carolina Dept. of Transportation

Aberdeen, NC

Remove lighting system from tower and shelter

Paint tower


Carroll Electric Membership Corporation

Carrollton, GA

Install Ice Bridge

Install grounding on tower, guy wires, and coax 

Plumb and tension tower

Install safety climb device on tower

Paint tower

Decom antenna and line

Coax buss bar
Tower grounding
Tower guy wires
Tower safety climb
Tower plumb and tension
Coax ice bridge
Tower groundng
Tower lightning rod
Coax buss bar
Tower inspection

Orangeburg Dept. of Public Utilities

Orangeburg, SC

Antenna and line installation

Testing and trouble shooting antenna and lines

Network Analysis of proposed frequency

coax installation
antenna installation
Antenna and line installation
Sweep testing
weather proofing


Lancaster Emergency Services

Lancaster, SC

Install antennas and lines on 3 towers

Install Ice Bridge

Re- lamp tower

DB224 antenna installation
DB224 antenna
Ice bridge installation
Ice bridge installation
Ice bridge installation
Ice bridge installation
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